Pink Morning Song

Have a cake, have a cake, have a blueberry cake
And just put it quickly in your sweet mouth, Jade,
Don’t let your demons ruin your day,
Everyone knows they are rarely ok.

Buy a dress, buy a dress, buy a pretty red dress
And tear it all up with your PMS, Jess,
Don’t worry, I swear, it will never be over,
You’re some kind of angel real deep undercover.

Grab a glass, grab a glass, grab a whole bunch of dishes
And smash them while crying, they will give you luck, Trish(es),
Don’t keep your emotions in you, let them fly,
Like a pretty, pink, fluffy and cute butterfly.

Be crazy, be crazy, be so very crazy,
Whenever you feel like, smash it, Daisy!
Cause no one knows better than you, oh, my baby,
That you are three times, maybe more times a lady.

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